Force Records / Takuma Iwakawa INTERVIEW


Now, in Indie label "Force Records" of momentum in Japan
I asked Mr. Takuma Iwakawa, that label owner.

Mr. Takuma Iwakawa resides in Fukuoka prefecture,
It is also a musician who creates dance music.

That roots seems to be in childhood.

"There is an environment to listen to CLASSIC music at record in childhood,
JAZZ ・ MOVIE MUSIC ・ HIPHOP ・ TECHNO (electronic genres in general) ・ ROCK ・ R & B etc,
I began to listen to various genres besides CLASSIC.
Started making music in the head from the third grade of elementary school, purchasing music equipments in the late teens, started music activities, and has reached the present.
It seems that I will not stop making music & listening to my life forever, I became like that music lover. "

I asked Mr. Takuma who likes music what he thought of setting up his own label.

"I have a lot of talented artists on the Internet and I strongly wish to help them expand their music.
I felt the impulse and motivation for their music activities strongly, so I started to think about wanting to directly support artists by setting up an independent label. "

"We have launched a label called RockRiverRecords (now transferred to Mr. ZOOYA) and was active.
However, due to problems of health and vitality, I delegated activities once, but again motivation for activity revived, I set up a new Force Records and started running it. "

I heard about the future prospects of label activities.

"Force Records wanted to operate based on concepts seeking music that can feel the positive influence on listeners, such as getting power, getting energy, increasing motivation to work, etc. I am thinking (this is the element of music I think myself needs as well).

Currently, thanks to constantly being able to release artist's songs constantly, it is a trial and error process aiming at improving the recognition of labels to further listener layers.

I always want to further advance the activities of the label that will help the artist's songs spread further, and I am constantly aiming to steadily draw ideas and lead to the development of the label. "

Finally, a message from Takuma to the listener.

"I am considering various ideas for increasing the number of points of contact between listeners who like music and are enjoying purely,
Since there may be many points that will not be reached, I'd appreciate it if you would like us to join your opinion as a listener's participation to the label. "
"We aim to be a" beloved "label by listeners. I certainly want to give you help.
Thank you for your continued support of the label Force Records and warm support for personal music activities. "

Mr. Takuma seriously faced with music, seriously making music and managing the label seriously.
A sincere thought to that music leads to love from the listener, both he and the label will make further leap.

今、日本で勢いのあるインディレーベル"Force Records"の
レーベルオーナーのTakuma Iwakawa氏に話を聞いた。

Takuma Iwakawa氏は福岡県在住、




しかし健康上やバイタリティーの問題もあり一旦は活動を委譲しましたが、再び活動意欲が沸き立ちまして、新たにForce Recordsを設立して運営を始めました」

「Force Recordsは、チカラをもらえる、元気がもらえる、活動する意欲が増す、などのリスナーへの好影響要素を感じる事のできるような音楽を求めての、コンセプトに基づいた運営をしていきたいと考えています。(これは私自身が自分にも必要と考える音楽の要素です。)


これからもレーベルのForce Recordsと、私個人の音楽活動への暖かいサポートを、よろしくお願いいたします」


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