kai shibata / Dirty Blue (2)

The genre called EBM was temporarily known to the world with Marilyn Manson as the lead.
However, the genre never becomes a boom globally,
People doing genre called EBM in Japan do not know as far as I know.
I have noticed the genre called EBM, which has not become a boom in the world yet,
It was meumeu that I wanted to try to arrange the song .
We also incorporated elements such as technoise and EDM.

[Dirty Blue]
Recently the popular EDM genre is a song with western synths in African folk music.
I  used Indian stringed instruments to strengthen ethnic elements.
In addition to incorporating FX etc. often used for EDM,
By arranging perfect silence, etc.,
I aimed for a song that is not caught in an existing genre.
Also organizer of the event "legal" where many Martine Record musicians are scheduled to appear, Mr. yackle who is also a track maker got a mix of songs.

マリリン マンソンを筆頭にEBMというジャンルが一時的に世界に知れ渡った。

[Dirty Blue]  


kai shibata / Dirty Blue (1)

kai shibata profile

Kai shibata pursues exquisite beauty that was broken down,
A 20 year old truckmaker living in Tokyo who creates experimental music.

When his started writing compositions for contemporary art installation works,
His touched the pleasures of composition and started composing from last summer.

Composer and designer suppa micro pamchopp was acclaimed and used his sounds for DJ.

Frasco that Ryuichi Sakamoto is acclaimed. Kai shibata has been evaluated from frasco.

He is getting noticed from various aspects such as contemporary art and music.

kai shibata プロフィール
作曲の楽しさに触れ去年の夏から作曲を始める。作曲家兼デザイナーのsuppa micro pamchoppが絶賛しDJに使用したり、

Swamp Sounds / Burn Synapse

Swamp Sounds uploaded a new song "Burn Synapse" to the soundcloud.
Please listen and enjoy.



Miiche / Wa-Dance

Miiche's new track is Japanese traditional trance dance sound. Please listen and enjoy.


House Of Tapes / "HEAVY HEAVEN" (download free)

House Of Tapes's new EP "HEAVY HEAVEN" You can be downloaded for free in Bandcamp.
Please check this.


Hiroyuki Komagata / His favorites albums vol.2

Hiroyuki Komagata resides in Niigata prefecture.
In 2012 he released the sound source mainly at soundcloud, was strongly influenced by Mogwai, making the post rock music song mainly.
His favorites albums are...

[People Like People Like you / Spokes]
I think that it is a band that is not well known.
I think that people who like the ten albums listed here are absolutely hooked.

[S / T / This Will Destroy You]
Although I do not listen to roar system post rock so much, after all the completion of this album is overwhelming, so it is another. Everyone loves Post Rock lovers.

[Eingya / Helios]
I always refer to how Helios' sound is dirty, how to assemble the beat, and so on.
I often listen when I want to make songs that are electroclassy.

[Latin / Holy Fuck]
Anyway the sound feels great. The flow of the 1st and 2nd songs is truly cool and stands gooseflesh.

[Everywhere and Right Here / The Six Paris Seven]
When I want to gently, the best feeling match album. Even now I listen well.

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Hiroyuki Komagataは、新潟県在住。

[People Like People Like you / Spokes]

[S/T / This Will Destroy You]

[Eingya / Helios]

[Latin / Holy Fuck]

[Everywhere and Right Here / The Six Paris Seven]

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Hiroyuki Komagata / His favorites albums vol.1

Hiroyuki Komagata resides in Niigata prefecture.
In 2012 he released the sound source mainly at soundcloud, was strongly influenced by Mogwai, making the post rock music song mainly.
His favorites albums are...

[Rock Action / Mogwai]
When I listen to the arpeggio of "2 Rights Make 1 Wrong", I think that my songwriting has begun. It is the origin and eternal longing.

[In A Safe Place / The Album Leaf]
All songs are wonderful, of course, only two songs at the beginning are enough for me.
The pad sound of "Window" is enough to move the mind, and it is totally overwhelmed by "Thure" rose piano.

[A Data Leam the Language / The Mercury Program]
Compared to album leaf etc., it will be a band with a very impressive feeling
Inevitably, it is emotional, it is atmospheric and raises the feeling of immersion.

[S / T / Remember Remember]
When listening for the first time on Mogwai's undercard, I was honestly bad,
Somehow, I got a big hit if I bought a CD.
The stacking soundscape is really emotional.

[Agates Byrjun / Sigur Ros]
After all, this 2nd is my favorite in Sigur Ros's work.
Because it thinks that it is music which is absolutely unreachable.
The fourth song "Flugufrelsarinn" is a song I would like to listen to absolutely when I die.

The rest is tomorrow.

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Hiroyuki Komagataは、新潟県在住。

[Rock Action / Mogwai]
"2 Rights Make 1 Wrong"のアルペジオを聴いた時、僕の楽曲制作が始まったのだと思います。原点であり、永遠の憧れです。

[In A Safe Place / The Album Leaf]

[A Data Leam the Language / The Mercury Program]

[S/T / Remember Remember]

[Agates Byrjun / Sigur Ros]

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monsiurbeat / His musicality

monsiurbeat  is a Japanese male singer-songwriter. Acting as producer and truck manufacturer of female vocal work. Position preservation of net label "Positive Records". It is also a member of the rock band · BaaBoo FAZ (keyboard manager), and when he is active as BaaBoo FAZ, he calls "BAABOO MUSH". The original story of the name is "The Tsunku Beat".
The English notation "monsiurbeat" is a misspelling, but it is used as it is as a proper noun.

It is J-POP which emphasizes melody and lyrics. Although it can be said that it is similar to electronic music because of heavy typing, it is a strange record presided over record · The electronic musical element of "monsiurbeat" by Yamaoka Lost child is for expressing pop and his music genre is not techno "As indicated in the remarks, it does not place much emphasis on being electronic music (songs composed only of acoustic musical instruments and bands organized by live performances also exist).
In fact, the musicality that is in the background is extremely miscellaneous, ranging from rock to noise, symphony by orchestral sound, enka, idol songs, folk, techno pop, piano ballads and so on.
In the past, insistence on vocals was poor, and excessive vocal effect was frequently used, but from around 2013 it is relatively inclined to "music that makes the songs listen" relatively straight.
Besides the work sung by himself, there are works using female vocals and works using vocaloids.
Many of the themes of lyrics deal with love affairs, especially unrequited love and broken heart. It is also said to be "Rusanchiman and adoration to the romantic love life is the basis".
Yamaoka Lost child is told that "Although it is life-size, it is also like a rock star."
The main activity field is the online label online, and offline is the live house. It is not very aggressive to contribute to movie sites such as Nico Nico Douga and YouTube and appearance to clubs.
In addition, while active actively on the net label, on the other hand, he is not very much aimed at club music.
Regarding Musashi's musicality, I am familiar with "other best vest" by Toshihiko Furukawa writing.

Theムッシュビ♂ト(ザ ムッシュビート)は、日本の男性シンガーソングライター。女性ボーカル作品のプロデューサーやトラックメーカーとしても活動。ネットレーベル「ポジティヴレコーズ」主宰。ロックバンド・BaaBooFAZのメンバー(キーボード担当)でもあり、BaaBooFAZとしての活動時は「BAABOOムッシュ」と名乗る。名義の元ネタは「THEつんくビ♂ト」。

事実、バックグラウンドとなっている音楽性は極めて雑多であり、 ロックからノイズ、オーケストラサウンドによる交響曲、演歌、アイドル歌謡、フォーク、テクノポップ、ピアノバラードなど、多岐に及ぶ。


guitarsisyo / gift to her

Born in Kagawa prefecture.
An artist who expresses a sound that colors a scene mainly on a melancholic guitar.
Three albums called "Life is dictionary (2014)" "clearance time (2015)" "good bye my home town (2016)" called "gallop ep (2013)" "cherry blossom blooming (2014)" We released two EPs online.
From the student days alone we do activities on DTM production with guitar, keyboard etc.
After that, I moved the base of activities to Osaka and started band activities, starting solo activities from 2012, and shifting to production at DAW. Live activities in solo started from 2014. Currently I return to Kagawa and mainly work on production.
In addition to music, I also serve as a personality for podcast program "SCL CohenTime!" And "CohenTime 10".
In domestic artists, they are influenced by artists such as Spangle call lilli line, toe, perfume, and Tatsuro Yamashita, artists such as mice parade, Squarepusher, i am robot and proud abroad.
We release the first nationwide distribution album "gift to her" in July 2016.

これまでに『Life is dictionary(2014)』『clearance time(2015)』『good bye my home town(2016)』という3枚のアルバム、『gallop e.p.(2013)』『cherry blossom blooming(2014)』という2枚のEPをオンライン・リリースしている。
国内アーティストでは、Spangle call lilli line、toe、perfume、山下達郎といったアーティストに、国外ではmice parade、Squarepusher、i am robot and proudといったアーティストなどに影響を受けている。
2016年7月初の全国流通版アルバム『gift to her』をリリースする。


Hiroyuki Komagata / GARDEN (Japanese article)

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Hiroyuki Komagataの”Garden”を再生すれば、一瞬で、どこまでも広がる草原に行ける。
Hiroyuki Komagataは、新潟県在住。
筆者は、Mogwaiだけでなく、伝説のポストロックバンド、Saxon Shoreのような叙情性をも感じた。
Hiroyuki Komagataからのメッセージを。


AKR-FITW™ self-introduction.

【AKR-FITW™ self-introduction】
I am a Japanese, President of Cyber ​​Frog Recordz.
I make music with iPhone (iOS app) only.
As a style of music, it is the thing which was added to the old style techno pop taste of electronica to the base.
While the electronica of I'm making, it is music that incorporates the old style of techno pop.

AKR-FITW™(iTunes) https://itun.es/jp/gsqM-  https://itun.es/jp/13hc9

Cyber Frog Recordz公式・AKR-FITW™(bandcamp)

AKR-FITW™ (Spotify) https://open.spotify.com/artist/3bypxSbj2INbe2BhKvg0Nv


His name is sonic.

His name is sonic.
He likes to make music and to write illustrations.
He is prolific and makes unique songs.

sonic 3rd Album
"64 sonic"
It's next month's release!


Hiroyuki Komagata / GARDEN

Grab your copy of the track on Beatport:

If you play Hiroyuki Komagata's "Garden", you can go to the steppe spreading in the moment.
It is lyrical and magnificent post rock though glittery!

Hiroyuki Komagata resides in Niigata prefecture.
In 2012 he released the sound source mainly at soundcloud, was strongly influenced by Mogwai, making the post rock music song mainly.
I also felt lyrics like Mogwai, as well as the legendary post rock band, Saxon Shore.

I talked to him about the EP "Garden" with three songs.
"It was a song created by a student who used my songs for my movie before I was asked to create one song for a new movie." "The movie is a youth setting in the near future Although it is a Blue Blue Drama, it was pretty tragic last, but I made songs like hopes that it would be different whether music was depressed or not. "
Yes, there is a positive hope in this EP.
If you listen to Garden, the wind blows through the eternal garden without fading.
Undo gives us a touch that will never disappear.
Tomorrow will have a strong hope for tomorrow.

Message from Hiroyuki Komagata.
"I can not even do musical instruments by myself, although I am reckless but instrumental with only sound, I made it while suffering a struggle.What if anything, I thought that what makes emotional things to move people 's mind, Even if alone, if you feel something with your songs, there is nothing to say, that alone is enough for me. "
He says that he is now expanding his image with vocaloids to make songs.
If he has enough sensitivity to move a person's heart, he must be able to listen to evergreen songs again.


House Of Tapes / GHOSTLY LOVE

House Of Tapes's EP, "GHOSTLY LOVE" is a work that combines a beautiful part of an electronic music and an awesome part.

"GHOSTLY LOVE" of the title song starts from the rampaging tone, and develops in colorfully at a stretch.
However, although it should be pop, such as repetitive voice and synth sound, it has some dark impression.

Subsequently, "INSOMNIA" is noisy from the beginning, violent as if the mysterious voice was crazy even though he / she cares.

Finally, "WHITE NIGHT" is a melody main, but this also has a dark sound image, a magical impression.

House Of Tapes is conscious of "evolution, deepening and change", but this is his current answer.

You can enjoy a different sound from him.

Free download from here.